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Swim, Surf, Sail Or Ski To Music.

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Swimmer Limited - About Us


The company Swimmer Limited was started at the outset of 2006. Its founder Chris a keen surfer since 1978 enjoyed using the SwiMP3 so much during his swimming sessions in 2005 that he decided to promote the product.


Freeride (1977) - My Favourite Surf Movie & Soundtrack



In 2010 the SwiMP3 and SwiMP3.1G is still our best selling product.


Chris says "I just loved going swimming and listening to music. It was a joyful experience hearing America’s "Ventura Highway" kick in as I pushed off the side of the pool for my first length surrounded by the pools shimmering blue light reflecting  through the water.


I would swim for about ten tracks  (about half an hour) without really noticing the time passing, my mind absorbed by the music, relaxed and oblivious to everything else.


America’s - "Ventura Highway" 




I realised that swimming was no longer boring and began to look forward to my time gliding underwater listening to my favourite songs. I became surf fit faster as the music makes interval training easier by allowing you to  match the speed of your swimming to the tempo of the songs.


I loved the adreneline buzz I would get when I began to swim quicker to my favourite rock tracks with a faster beat like


ACDC’s - ‘You Shook Me All Night Long"




The Killers - "All These Things That I've Done"




Thin Lizzy - "Whiskey In The Jar"




Laura Branigans - "Gloria"




Rapid sales success and attention to customer service led to the company to add further products such as the H2O Audio waterproof iPod cases & headphones. We supply both H2O Audio and Aquapac cases because in our experience they are the the best quality waterproof cases available for the iPod.


To date we have served thousands of satisfied customers. The company is commited to supporting its customers in their after sales activities with its customer support phone line.


We support our customers with any problems they encounter using our products and guarantee a refund or a replacement of any goods that are faulty under their manufacturers warranty.


We sell many products that are new to the market and we are finding that some are more reliable than others from our customer feedback and product returns. Those that we have found to be unreliable we have discontinued selling.


Please see our facebook page and blog for more details as we are trying to be as transparent as possible about the reliability of our products to save all of us time time in dealing with a manufacturers product issues.


Moreover with feedback from our community of users we aim to identify and develop the best waterproof mp3 players and cases with which to swim, surf, sail or ski to music.


Our waterproof iPod cases and MP3 players are price matched against our peers to try to sustain a competitive price inclusive of postage.


Our customers of all ages have included english channel swimmers, synchronized swimmers, recreational swimmers, triatheletes and those needing a bit of motivation to exercise in the pool after injury or operation.


Our customers have said:

  • "I've used the SwiMP3 and I have to say it was wonderful, it made swimming so much more fun and meant that I could keep going much much longer."

  • "Swimming laps with music makes it so much easier. You concentrate on the tracks being played & not the time on the clock."

  • "Using the SwiMP3 is a truly joyful underwater experience the sound quality is great & the time spent in the pool seems to pass much more quickly."

Our company motto is "If your ship doesn't come in swim out to it".


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