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Waterproof iPhone Case Amphibx Go

H20 Audio




Waterproof iPhone Case Amphibx Go

Fits Large MP3 Players & Phones


The Amphibx Go waterproof iPhone case armband is amongst the latest waterproof iPhone solutions available in 2011.


The Amphibx Go waterproof iPhone case provides the protection you need and the functionality you want in a streamlined, lightweight soft case. When paired with our waterproof headphones the Amphibx Go creates a sleek waterproof iPhone or iPod Touch solution.


Slim enough to slip into your pocket and rugged enough to survive being tossed around your gym bag

100% Waterproof
Precision engineering keeps your phone or MP3 player safe and dry, even when submerged up to 12 feet underwater. Each H2O Audio product is individually tested to ensure it is 100% waterproof. 

Easy to Load 
The patented LatchTight locking closure gives you plenty of space to load your phone or large MP3 player, and then easily and securely seals closed to keep moisture out. 

Functional, Fearless Protection 
The ClearTouch pouch allows for full function of touchscreen, camera and button features while the SealTight headphones connector allows you to listen to music or place a call fully protected from the elements.

Go Ring 
Integrated D-ring loop allows you to attach this case to nearly anything, then easily swings out of the way to slide into tight spots. A waterproof iPhone or iPod a solution that slides easily into your pocket. 

Fits all iPhones, iPods, MP3 Players, and Phones

iPhone 3 & iPhone 4 -16GB & 32 GB

iPod Touch - 32GB & 64GB

iPod Classic - 120GB 160 GB (2009)

Maximum Height: 4.72in/120mm 
Maximum Width: 2.64in/67mm 
Maximum Depth: 0.75in/19mm 


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